Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Rantings of a Sick Guy


It's 1:29AM and I'm seating at the dining table with 3 bananas and a cup of water in front of me and blogging on my laptop. Look, while I love to kid and joke about a lot of things, this is not a euphemism. This is real.

If you don't stalk me on Twitter or Facebook or any of the conventional social media outlets, you wouldn't have known that I became very sick on Saturday evening. In fact, it got so bad that I am now sitting in the dining table with 3 bananas and a cup of water in front of me. I'm also sweating like a faucet. No, I'm literally sweating like a faucet. If environmentalists saw me, they would reprimand me for leaving the tap on and hence, wasting water.

Being sick is not fun at all. Believe me. I'm currently at the sickest I've been for a very long time. The sudden onset of fever followed by more fever and even more fever led me to eventually sit here at 1:35AM in the morning ranting about how feverish my brain and hence my writing is. Here's a hint: I'm not in a coherent mood of writing. I'm jacked up with meds and those 3 bananas are staring at me, begging to be eaten.

You know what my blog's trademark is? A scoffing sense of sarcasm which usually leads to many people enjoying their time at my blog because honestly, they don't know whether I'm insulting them or not. And as you have seen from this blog's lack of updates, you know that my mind is no longer working in sarcasm mode. I can't write a joke because I can't think of any witty one liners to sink someone. It's like I'm a de-clawed kitty, I can snarl at you all I want but it's not going to do much.

You know what? Sweating is great. Sweating makes me feel so much better! In fact, I'm sweating so much now, my entire seat is drenched. Won't someone be surprised tomorrow (hint: it's going to be my mom)

You know how I always keep unhealthy hours? Sleep really early in the morning and wake up at the crack of the evening? Well, that's officially over. Now I sleep for the entire day. Being sick automatically allows you some leeway to your sleeping hours. I think I slept close to 14 hours, interrupted constantly by my family members because seriously, at 4pm, everyone is at full swing, giving the poor feverish kid no chance to sleep.

I'm ranting again aren't I? Well, DEAL WITH IT. I'm the sick guy here and I deserve my ranting time. Plus, I deserve to eat all those 3 bananas because I can. And I will, right now. So...


P.S: I'll be back with a perfectly valid post soon. Well, right after I sleep off this sleep hangover I have. Good luck to me.

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