Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Upgrading the Myvi 1.5 brakes = Discs + Pads

The other day I went to meet my friend that lives at Genting Sempah area and have a little bit of fun driving. After came back from there, I realise that when I brake there is a vibration felt on the steering and as my car going to stop, the brake judder a bit.

Well I could always sent to perodua to skim the brake disc (claim warranty). But it will happen again and again until one time you realize that your time wasted on skimming the disc. Of course, they will change the disc eventually right? and the circle goes on.

Brembo + Bendix MKT = Myvi 1.5 brake upgrade

As for me, I went to the nearest spare parts shop and asked for the aftermarket solutions. Fortunately, myvi has a history of brake problem and most of the shop carry a Brembo OEM rotor. The standard disc rotor for Myvi SE1.5 is similar size with the previous model of Myvi but the only differ is the pads which is slightly longer -I tried and it fits. I also manage to get the latest Bendix MKT brake pads for Myvi 1.5.

There are slight improvement in shorter stopping distance and the braking is a bit smoother.

But then again, it doesn't solve the situation where you need to press the brake pedal deeper when braking as well as the spongy feeling. Which I found that it is quite annoying. Because I did drive cars like Saga BLM and I just love the sensitivity of the brake pedal.

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