Monday, October 24, 2011


Ayat-ayat Very The Broken English

*I Lay lay on Bed i.

*I want Walk-walk.

*Bring me Walk-walk.

*I Walk-walk Washing my eye.

*I Go Shower first.

*He walk feet Chicken
*She Walk-walk find Eat.

*You Think Cook-cook ready?

*What Doing You?
*I Eat Heart with you.

*I new Buy Car new.
*Car i big and Beautiful.

* I Have Tv Big.

*I Sleep-sleep Chicken.

*You Where Now?

*Later we Talk-talk again.

*He Work What?

*Since Last-last this he very Lazy.

*I Not yet Working. 

*I Have a Married Man.

*Strong true he Laugh.

 *She is Nothing Yet....

Note:Korang Nak Sambung? Hahaha...

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